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What is your level of education?

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To friends!

  •            no education
  •            non completed primary level
  •            completed primary level
  •            non completed secondary level
  •            completed secondary level
  •            non completed between secondary and university
  •            completed between secondary and university
  •            non completed bachelor (undergraduate)
  •            completed bachelor (undergraduate)
  •            non completed masters degree
  •            completed masters level or higher
  •            Other answer
  •            No opinion

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Results chart

Answer #1 = no education
Answer #2 = non completed primary level
Answer #3 = completed primary level
Answer #4 = non completed secondary level
Answer #5 = completed secondary level
Answer #6 = non completed between secondary and university
Answer #7 = completed between secondary and university
Answer #8 = non completed bachelor (undergraduate)
Answer #9 = completed bachelor (undergraduate)
Answer #10 = non completed masters degree
Answer #11 = completed masters level or higher
Answer #12 = Other answer
Answer #13 = No opinion

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